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About us

Koosen, professional in designing and manufacturing 4-wheel electric vehicles, such as  electric golf cart, electric utility car, electric vintage car, electric personal carrier, electric shuttle bus, electric industrial car, various customized electric vehicles based on standard ones, etc.

We founded in 2009, Through long term hard work, it has established a firm system of sales and after-sale service. Our sole purpose is to happy our customers. Since we know how important our customers to us!

Until 2019, We have a wide range of sales network throughout major cities in China with satisfactory sales performance. In addition to domestic market development, we are at the same time making aggressive moves to the overseas market. Now the network of sales in Southeast Asia, North America, South America and Europe is on-going and we are recruiting for dealership for further steps to the overseas market.

Koosen Team believe good service has the same importance as good quality. koosen’s sales persons can be reached in 24 hours x 365 days. Koosen sales persons are willing to answer any emails from their customers within 24 hours. Koosen provides all the spare parts of its vehicles with very reasonable price.

With effective management and specialized talents, Koosen is dedicated to offering top quality products with competitive price and first class after-sales service.



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